Twist brings our fun French show, C’est Magnifique, as the featured act of Friday Nights at the DeYoung on May 17, 2019. The museum opens free to the public, so you can listen, look and drink all at once inside the lovely DeYoung Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

In concert with her 7-piece band and in 7 languages, Lua Hadar premiered a new original music video, Our Common Humanity, at Fort Mason's San Francisco International Arts Festival

Feature Article in TheatreStorm

our common humanity

Director: Lua Hadar
Editor: Jason Martineau
Videography: Kingmond Young, Hamilton Everts, Jason Martineau, Lua Hadar
Photography: Jason Martineau, Kingmond Young
Music Production: Jason Martineau
Music & Lyrics: Lua Hadar
Cloak: Toni Matthies
Makeup/Hair: Peggy Lucas

New Performance Group © 2018



Producer: Lua Hadar
Music Director: Jason Martineau
Band Personnel: Vocals: Lua Hadar; Piano: Jason Martineau; Bass: Sascha Jacobsen; Drums: Celso Alberti; Percussion: Ian Dogole; Reeds: Sheldon Brown, Backup Vocals: Claudia Landivar and Candace Forest.
Videography: Hamilton Everts
Makeup/Hair: Rebeca Flores
Sound/Lights: Taylor Gonzalez



- ...marvelous, music and message-laden production... it was felt deeply by the audience. Everyone on the stage was a part of the harmonious whole and you radiated such love and energy throughout.

- We loved the concert tonight; you really got us thinking about a lot of things. Yes, as you said tonight, we're all in this together.

- Inspiring, fun and moving. And the band - WOW!  What talent!

- I was moved throughout by the power and passion and joy and compassion in your voice and the mastery of your presence and connection with the audience! The band of course was KILLER FAB! Wow!!!

- I enjoyed, especially the Yiddish Tango, which moved me to tears.

- Your message of tolerance and inclusion came across loud and clear.

- What I was not prepared for, though, was your rendition of the Japanese song - done with heart and subtlety which showed the your vocal range and strength. Very moving.