Press Quotes

…truly a world-class performer...
– Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

A world-traveled jazz vocalist,
Hadar constantly seeks to bring people together…
Her band is as diverse as her ambitious dream
to unite the world through music.
– Carol Banks Weber, National Jazz Music: Examiner.com

…Their recent album is called Like A Bridge
and wisely was recorded in one-take live versions
in the studio. She and her band do a world music take
on the song [Bridge Over Troubled Water].
It sounds different; it is a wonderful arrangement by Jason Martineau, the piano and musical director
of the band, and well sung by Lua…
- Jeffrey Siegel, Straight No Chaser:
A Jazz Show Podcast

Lua Hadar is a multilingual vocalist with deep warm tones.
She sings a set of ten popular and
Latin classics. Hadar flows through lyrics in French, Portuguese,
Japanese, Spanish, Italian and English
imparting the local accent in each case.
She sounds convincing and dramatic in every case
making the session all the more impressive.
The accompaniment is equally impressive.
-D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Singing in seven different languages, Lua Hadar's rich voice and strong, commanding presence and overall musicality transcend language barriers… pure pleasure in listening to her magnetic power…
compelling confident vocals… intriguing instrumental work…
great variety and power… certainly beautiful and often hypnotic.
- Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway Sound Advice

…she and the band nail it live in the studio…sophisticated…
another fine example of adult chill.

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews,
News and Views

There is a strong sense of timeliness throughout the album,
thanks to the various languages it feels like one is drifting around the world.
– John M. Peters, The Borderland, UK

She brings the world to you, and now it’s your chance to explore the planet and say that Lua Hadar inspired you to get there.
– John Book, This is Book’s Music

...first call band of international talent with an innate gift of swing and the ability to reinvent tunes without disrespecting the originals or themselves...
A true winner!

– Brent Black, Critical Jazz

...impressive…brilliant… an international group of superb musicians …an extraordinary achievement.
– Joe Regan Jr., Times Square Chronicles

And not only could she pull off the French with due charm...
we were transported to a place beyond language,beyond words—
pure yearning, perhaps…

- MS Nieson, All About Jazz

The many facets of the city of light, sexy, sophisticated and eternal
are authentically conjured up every time Lua steps up to the mic.
- Maxwell Chandler, music critic

…a real vocalist with some long range and power…
clear and vibrant…beautiful…

- Ray Redmond, Jazz USA

…seamlessly bridges the culture gap… I felt
I understood the content without speaking French…
Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes, San Francisco

The “French Connection” is a part of her worldly charm.
- Carol Banks Weber, Examiner.com

A sheer delight. Songs for lovers. Smooth seductive jazz … polished vocal phrasing…lovely music easily twinkling on through the night...irresistible.
Mark Watkins, Blast 1386 Radio, UK

She makes the other side of the world seem just a stone’s throw away…
- Michael Arens, Jazz Dimensions, Germany

San Francisco ’s Hadar, backed by her band TWIST, sings jazzy pop with a Latin fire. The intoxicating tunes include “No Borders,” an appropriate title for an artist with excellent, eclectic tastes. A sultry “The Best Is Yet To Come” is another highlight of her (myspace.com) page.
- Paul Freeman, Palo Alto Daily News

... blended with world music elements, especially French and Latin flavors, which make for quite a rich and sophisticated mixture.
- John M. Peters, The Borderland Magazine, UK

This review only needs one word really – WOW! ...simply amazing...
- J. Edward Sumearu, The Metro Spirit, Augusta, Georgia.

A sexy lady from New York who swings it internationally.  It’s a high-octane release, something new and unexpected.
 - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap, Lake Zurich, Illinois

…well-crafted jazz with high soulfulness and spirit…this album gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from our ears!
- Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation, Hawaii

… Styles and sensibilities make for interesting, cross-pollinating
musical bedfellows. Lua brings an elegance and dignity -
a mix of funkiness … sultry, art song, jazz, and Latin ... 

– Rob Lester, Sound Advice

…a sultry voice with hints of Piaf… can express intimate joy in her voice… passionate… emotionally complex… she can move effortlessly down to her mezzo range, and her voice can soar in the upper ranges.
– Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Bay Times 

It was a high-energy show … a night to remember. Hadar, a vision of energy and vocal talent, in a smashing red/pink outfit, was wonderful in every song, with every gesture.
 - Milton Hamlin, SGN Arts & Entertainment, Seattle

FRESH! – San Francisco Chronicle

a stunning evening…sheer beauty… every selection was dramatically on the nose…she rocked… her physical presence and body language remind one of the great Latin, Abbe Lane, at her peak. The evening was pure pleasure! 
- Joe Regan Jr. Cabaret Scenes Magazine, New York

Even when singing in English, she has a European sensibility
in both her presence and sound (even though she’s really a Jewish girl
from New York) that strengthens the overall cross-continental essence
she is creating with Twist.
- Nancy Tierney, CabaretExchange.com

…French/Italian numbers that emphasized her inclusive range and world view … wide choice of genres and emotional ranges … a lovely voice, perfect pitch and an infectious smile… great musicians! - Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes

… able to make the familiar sound fresh…she can easily get to the emotional heart of a ballad…exuberant …powerful up tempo…confident…comic…
Les Traub, Cabaret Scenes

Red Dress and Hot! Can you spell F-U-N?
Lua Hadar knocked it out of the park, err, I mean The Plush Room... The audience was up to warp speed during its San Francisco run… made the seats jump up and down … wonderful voice … backed up by a great little three-piece band… the show shows heart and is truly infectious…
- Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron.org

One of the 10+ Best Shows of 2006 -
Hadar is a triple threat: comedienne, chanteuse and raconteuse (storyteller)…Her smile enchants, as delightful as her stage presence and well-balanced song selection…has a gracious ease before her audience. …gloriously exotic… Tremendous!
- Tom Kelly, San Francisco Bay Times

Lua's beautiful, rich, full voice with its alluring resonance is pure joy… attractive personality, captivating stage presence and on-target interpretations… She feels deeply, and she makes the audience do the same
- Stacy Horn, Cabaret Hotline Online

rich voice … luscious tone… sensitive and poetic… emotional… elegant … great rhythmic ideas… she finds the longing and uncertainty without missing the comedy…
Rob Lester, TalkinBroadway.com, New York

… irrepressible comic abilities… a rollicking good time…she sizzled…it’s clear Lua has fun onstage
- Bruce Bellingham, Northside San Francisco

... great voice … superb eclectic jazz arrangement …gorgeous…introspective……delightful …fine comic timing…soulful…an audience knockout…
- Eugene Price, San Francisco Bay Times

… simply stops the show - the cheering crowd cannot get enough.
- Milt Hamlin, SGN Seattle

… beautiful timbre... lyrically melodious…truly original…
- Enrico de - Angelis, L’Arena, Verona, Italy